Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Cheap Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Services: The Perfect Choice for Maximum Performance

When you are looking for cheap Windows dedicated server hosting service, chances are that you have the required expertise and workforce to manage and maintain the infrastructure and server. Dedicated machines are most suitable for the high-traffic websites that need the maximum bandwidth, server space and other resources to manage the constant flow of visitors. When you choose this type of server, you have the entire space and resources for your business. 

Access to high-end features:

Although you have the option of servers between Linux and Windows, Windows has more advantages and robustness which is why large businesses prefer the cheap Windows dedicated server hosting services over the Linux OS. The basic advantage is that you have access to all the Microsoft tools and technologies like SharePoint, MSOffice tools, Visual Interdev, FrontPage and much more. It is also necessary to opt for Windows servers if your website is built using the ASP.NET technology to have a seamless performance. 

Between the two machines, Linux is open source and more affordable than the Windows which is a commercially sold software and requires users to buy a license. And when you say cheap, it does not refer to the price directly or the quality being low. The hosts name it as cheap Windows dedicated server hosting services, since the benefits that the client gains far outweigh the steep costs.

Control is with you:

The most significant benefit of the cheap Windows dedicated server hosting services is that you have total control over the server. You can access via the Remote Desktop. You can choose the hardware you prefer, install any software that you think is required for your business, customize and configure it the way you want and practically use it for any purpose. You can host any number of websites. 

More reliable and secure:

Microsoft constantly keeps updating its software and infrastructure which is automatically applied to your servers. You must be technically competent with experienced manpower to monitor and manage the server. With a dedicated machine, you get a dedicated IP and complete server resources. This means however much the traffic increases, you will still have plenty of bandwidth, space, memory etc. to manage high visitor movement. The best cheap Windows dedicated server comes inbuilt with firewalls, antivirus and anti-malware solutions. This is where you will understand the necessity for you to choose your host after much deliberation. Your host must get you the best protection against D-DoS attacks.  D-DoS is mainly directed against large traffic websites to cripple the business and bring it a standstill. 

Another important factor that you must look for in the cheap Windows dedicated server hosting services is the level of support the host provides. The best providers extend around the clock technical support over the phone, chat, and email. You could be an expert technically but there are several issues that your host only can do. If they are not available, your business performance can be affected and you could lose money as well as clients in the process. 

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