Thursday, 2 November 2017

Different Options to Choose the Best SSL Certificates Hosting Services

People today rely on the internet for almost all their requirements. This has led to the mushrooming of websites offering varying services. Technology has provided a wider scope however, it also has given rise to a vast increase in cyber security threats.

The cyber criminals are more active now and are growing smarter creating a fear among the online businesses using methodologies like SQL injection, XSS scripting, cloning and much more. Consumers started hesitating to complete their transactions since they feared the security of their personal information.

Concerns all over led to the inception of SSL certificates. Business of all sizes today look for the best SSL certificates hosting services with equal deliberations as they do for their hosting platforms. 

What exactly is SSL and how it works:

An SSL certificate is a small bit sized file with a cryptographic key that stores complete information about a website’s ownership including domain name, location and owner details. All information that is transmitted between the website and a customer’s browser is completely encrypted. Websites with a SSL certificate will have a green padlock symbol and activates the https protocol.

Types of SSL certificates

There are a variety of SSL certificates available which allows a business to choose the best SSL certificates hosting services that they think suits their needs. The differences come in pricing, level of security and usefulness.

Domain validation:  DV is designed for the small single domain site and for personal blogs. It is not ideal for large enterprises.

Organization validated certificates: OV comes with more improved features and processed in 3 days. The Certificate Authorities verify if the applicant has authority to apply on the said domain name.

SAN SSL: They secure multiple domains/ subdomains and more cost-effective than the DV/ OV type of certificates as a single purchase is sufficient for all.

Wildcard certificate: They secure the subdomains with special characters like asterisk or hash.

Extended validation EV certificates are the most secured and valued among the best SSL certificates hosting services. The CA issues the certificate after doing some deep investigation It can take up to a week to issue the certificate but authenticates the site elaborately to be safe for transactions. It is most suitable for the large e-commerce sites, banks, hospitals, sites where one must part with personal financial information.

Factors you must look for in the best SSL certificate hosting services:

It is important for you to consider a few points before buying SSL certificate for your business/ These include

The services from the certificate authority must be prompt, efficient, affordable and include after sales support.  

You must choose the appropriate one since different SSLs are designed with varying purposes. However, the ultimate purpose of each SSL is to secure a site.

The EV and DV certifications are perfect for domains while the wildcard certificate suits the internet server security.

Another important point you must consider is that price should not be your single factor when looking for the best SSL certificate hosting services. There are plenty of Cas providing SSL certificates in the industry so choose one that suits your business even if they may slightly be higher in price.

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