Wednesday, 30 January 2019

How Beneficial is Go4hosting Managed Server Hosting?

When you choose web hosting solutions from a hosting provider, the idea is to relieve your internal IT teams of responsibilities of conducting day-to-day server management tasks. There may be situations which demand the use of managed server hosting. For instance, when you lack in-house IT skills or expertise and the site is very resource-intensive, it is better to choose a web host which can implement all operational and administrative aspects of hosting. Secondly, there may be a situation where you lack resources and this is why websites must turn to hosting providers to get these to handle excess IT workloads. The managed hosting services are meant to take care of server management tasks so that the in-house IT teams can focus better on other important matters. This is why it makes sense to sign up for Go4hosting managed hosting services.

Reasons to sign up with Go4hosting managed server hosting services:

  • When you host a mission-critical application, every second counts. You cannot afford downtimes because this is going to damage your business reputation and lead to big revenue losses. When you choose Go4hosting as your managed hosting services provider you can count on their teams to support your customers 24x7. Go4hosting has earned a reputation of being able to handle complicated and transaction-intensive apps. It has also been able to successfully steer clear of disasters. Its teams are qualified and experienced enough to detect all kinds of loopholes and errors and respond to these effectively before things spin out of control.

  • Go4hosting managed server hosting plans are preferred because the web host works together with clients to come up with custom solutions for them. Not only do these customized solutions benefit their current needs, these are also useful for their future needs. Go4hosting solutions are found to be the best in the market for security controls, load balancing, backups etc. Whether it is high performance, higher security and reliability, faster time-to-market, security audits, higher bandwidth or scalability, Go4hosting managed server hosting plans are a cut above the rest.

  • Companies which cater to a large clientele and deal with sensitive client-related data understand these advantages very well. The best part about choosing Go4hosting services is that this web host offers such services at competitive prices. Other hosting providers may be offering these services as well but there are likely to be hidden fees. Go4hosting guarantees complete transparency and all software, hardware and management charges are included in the same plan.

  • By choosing Go4hosting managed server hosting solutions you get to benefit from a superior network infrastructure. You do not have to worry about its installation, updates or maintenance. Besides, Go4hosting will also look after the maintenance of equipments like routers and switches, power supplies, bandwidth supplies etc and set up efficient intrusion detection systems to prevent outages and malfunctions.

  • Go4hosting managed solutions will also take care of installation and necessary configurations of the operating system. They fully understand the importance of continuous vigilance and, to this effect, offer constant monitoring. This is carried out through the use of a web monitoring tool called the Web Sense. It is very crucial to respond to alerts on time and carry out client requests to ensure business success. This is therefore made possible through its teams which comprise of trained and committed staffs. This ensures that all client queries and calls are resolved without delays.

  • When required, Go4hosting managed server hosting services will also place orders for the necessary hardware. They will then build these to suit the necessary specifications. Additional servers and spare parts are also kept on standby for future needs when parts may have to be repaired or replaced. With managed hosting plans you can count on their complete support for hardware maintenance and technical assistance.

  • No matter how superior the technologies you use are, or how advanced the equipments may be, there are always chances of errors. For instance, an important file may get accidentally deleted or a hard disk may crash all of a sudden. But, if you have signed up for managed hosting plans under Go4hosting, you will never have to worry on account of such mishaps. Data recovery is easy because of expert engineers from the hosting company. They will ensure data restoration and make sure servers can function without delays.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

VPS Hosting: The Essentials to Know!


Web Hosting has become easier with the advancements in technology and evolution of the internet. The web developers, if given choice, are mostly choosing VPS hosting services because of the faster and more secured usage than any other hosting plans like shared hosting plans. In the terms of flexibility, security and performance, VPS hosting provides plethora of benefits over other hosting environments. Server virtualization is however the greatest innovation in the web hosting services, where one computer is programmed to function as multiple virtual servers. This has helped organizations in vast manner by providing different scope to expand in the shortest possible time. Talking about the VPS, it is a cornerstone, which comes embedded with characteristics of two web hosting platforms that are dedicated server hosting and shared hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. A VPS hosting is a server, which is popular for hosting services that you can pick out for your website. It is a virtualized server, which imitate a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. Technically, a Cheap Windows VPS Hosting Provider in India is both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It has its own version of operating system and allocated server resources, within a bigger server. VPS works on a virtualization technology to provide dedicated resources on a server with many users. VPS hosting is primary choice of website owners, who usually have medium-level traffic on their website. This traffic generally exceeds the limit of shared hosting plans, but doesn’t need the services of a dedicated server. A VPS hosting server is much more secure and stable solution than shared hosting where there is no scope for dedicated server space.

A VPS Hosting Provider in India usually offers more than one hosting plan to suit the needs of different businesses and it allows a site to scale smoothly when you need more resources. This is the reason, why VPS hosting has become the common choice for small scale industries as well as medium scale industries. Apart from being loaded with necessary features, a VPS hosting plan is cost-effective alternative as compared to dedicated servers as well as shared hosting servers.

VPS Hosting is available in two different forms i.e. Windows VPS and Linux VPS. Talking about a Cheap Windows VPS HostingProvider in India, it is undoubtedly more popular because of its compatibility with different software and programs. Hence, a Windows VPS hosting server serves different purposes for various needs of businesses. A Windows VPS hosting is commonly known as Cheap VPS solution because it is very cost-effective and considered among best VPS solutions.

How VPS Hosting Works?

As the name implies, the technology behind VPS hosting is virtual. It means one powerful server is segregated into multiple virtual servers. For example, your PC is working Windows 7, with a VPS hosting but you can also run other operating systems such as Windows XP or Linux without restarting your computer. The major advantage of VPS hosting is that even if its physical server is shared, there is the element of privacy with services. However, the virtual server, which you are using will be reserved only for you and there is no need to share your CPU, RAM or any other data.

The same way, if you are using a shared hosting server, you can encounter problems with one website, which might cause the entire server to go down and all other websites on that server to go down with it. But, with the VPS machine, this won't happen and only a website which is not working will go down, other remaining unaffected. To summarize a VPS hosting server, we can say, this might be a single server, which is located in a single rack, but it functions like multiple servers as each and everything from the memory to storage space is already been allocated.


If you are new to business or having any other server, just upgrade to Cheap Windows VPS Hosting Provider in India. By installing a VPS hosting, you won't have get worried about the security, plus you can experience high traffic volumes in short period of time. VPS hosting is a one shot solution and you don't have to install custom software anymore on your system. Buy a VPS Hosting plan and you are all sorted.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Key Security Questions to Ask Your Cloud Server Provider

When you have made up your mind to shift your data and operations to the cloud, you need to ask some pertinent questions to your prospective cloud server provider. These questions will help you understand whether the solutions which the vendor is capable of offering will work for you or not.

Key questions to ask your cloud server provider:

  • Perhaps the first thing which you must ask your cloud server provider is location of its data centers. Cloud vendors are likely to keep data spread across many servers that are distributed geographically. So, you need to know where these locations are to see if there can be any privacy constraints and also to make sure these align with your business objectives.
  • You must also ask your cloud provider about ways in which you can access the data you are storing in their servers. Your cloud service provider or CSP must be open to working with you on an Access Control Policy. This will decide how you can access the data as and when you need to. You will also learn how you may add authorized users, how such users may be authenticated, whether the provider’s turnaround time can satisfy your business needs etc.
  • You should also ask your cloud server provider about ways in which your data will be maintained and monitored. There should ideally be a comprehensive collection of monitoring tools which become important as your apps will be online always and will need continuous patches to eliminate risks of security breaches. This monitoring system should be responsible for alerting the provider when your system requires supports. So, it will monitor the hardware and software, security patches and updates, anti-virus measures etc.
  • When you choose a cheap dedicated server, there are risks of security breaches as the quality of services may be compromised when you settle for very low-cost plans. The risks are almost the same when you buy cloud hosting. You need to make sure the provider makes way for stringent security protocols and procedures like dual-factor authentication. The provider must show you all the measures it has deployed to preserve data integrity like firewalls, anti-virus systems, encryption techniques etc. Besides these, you may also need two-factor authentication which demands both a secure code and a password to grant access. This is known to eliminate data breach risks and hackers are unable to gain entry as the secure code will always be sent to your smartphone.
  • Before you sign up with any cloud server provider, you must find out about their disaster recovery plans in place. You should find out if the vendor has multi-location redundancy so that even if a single server fails, there will be standby servers to take over. You must also know where the data will be in case there is a natural calamity in any of the provider’s server locations.
  • Your cloud provider must also be able to tell you how routine backups will be conducted by them. You need to ask your vendor how frequently the data will be backed up, because the more often the data is backed up, the higher is the redundancy. During backups, you must ensure that the data gets encrypted so that there is no unauthorized access to it.
  • Finally, you need to find out what will happen to the data once you decide to discontinue the services of your cloud server provider. Partnerships will cloud vendors may or may not work out always to your advantage. Whatever the reason for cancellation, you should know the policies long before you sign up. You must ask the vendor about cancellation of services and the kind of supports they will extend if you intend to switch providers. 

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Top Benefits of VPS Hosting India Services for a Small Business

If your small business is having a good visitor response, it is time to look for the best VPS hosting India services.  You probably would have started your business on a shared hosting platform. However, the server resources will not be sufficient once the traffic starts increasing and can cause performance issues. VPS must be your first upgrade option. Dedicated server is another option. but it could be too big and expensive for a small business.

What is VPS:

VPS or virtual private servers as they are otherwise popular as, are built using the virtualization technology. A physical server is split into two or more servers each of which runs its own operating system. Each virtual server is assigned a dedicated IP and get their own assured share of resources.

This means when you buy the VPS hosting India services, your website will be placed in an individual compartment ensuring of the privacy like in a dedicated machine. Your business will have assured dedicated resources with a unique IP that is not shared with others.

It is not a cheap dedicated server

People often presume that the cheapest dedicated server hosting is only an alternative name for the VPS servers since they have common features. There are several differences. VPS is an independent virtually created machine in a multi-tenant environment. It is far lower in price and offers less resource capacity. VPS works ideal for a business that has wavering traffic.

Choose an appropriate operating system

VPS hosting India services are normally offered in Linux and Windows operating systems. Although the features are same in both the servers, for improved performance, it is recommended you choose a Windows server if your website is built using ASP.NET technology. In the same way, choose Linux OS if your site is constructed using the open source script languages like PHP, Python etc. Windows is a Microsoft-owned commercially sold software. You must pay a license fee to use it. All Windows-based plans cost more than the Linux server plans.

The primary benefit you get with VPS hosting India service is the proximity to your target audience. If most of your clients are from India and any of its adjoining regions, hosting your website at a data center in India will ensure speed and reliability.

Features of VPS hosting India service

Server control: Unlike in shared hosting, the customers have complete control and root access. You may configure the server in any manner, install any software applications you think will improve efficiency. You may host any number of websites. If you have the technical expertise, you can manage the email servers, website files, backups, security configurations and similar on your own.

High reliability: Since you have your share of resources, even if a neighbor draws more resources, it will not disturb your business. VPS is scalable. Risks of a server crash due to high traffic load will be seldom experienced.

More privacy: Each account is housed in individual compartments where there is no possibility of anyone other than who is authorized can gain entry. You also are provided a dedicated IP that gives your business security that is lacking in shared hosting.

Server uptime: Hosting providers house the servers in resilient data centers that maintain N+1 redundancy in all the data center infrastructure. Network uptime and speed is not an issue if you pick the right hosting service.

Your service provider will offer strong SLA of at least 99.95% network uptime and low latency. Choose a provider that offers around the clock technical support and is available on the phone, email, or live chat for you to communicate at times of emergencies. 

Thursday, 1 November 2018

How to Get a Cheap Dedicated Server Which Offers Quality Hosting

When you are looking for dedicated servers you may get tempted when you find a cheap dedicated server. Dedicated servers are rarely cheap and finding one may make you choose it right away. However, it is important to understand that not all dedicated hosting plans are equally reliable and it is better to consider some key factors before you sign up for a cheap dedicated server.

  • To begin with, when you choose a cheap dedicated server you must ensure that it can offer you a high bandwidth and high speed in spite of the low costs. A web page must typically load within 1000 milliseconds so that the visitor does not lose interest in the site. High speed servers alone will be able to guarantee such bandwidth which can improve page loading speed for your website and contribute to higher search engine rankings.

  • Since you are likely to be growing your business, it is very important to find a cheap dedicated server hosting plan that allows you to expand seamlessly. The server should also have robust backups and data recovery options. If the hosting services can guarantee these features you will not have to worry about data loss incidents even when there are network failures. 

  • When choosing a cheap dedicated server for your business you need to understand the importance of security. More than 30,000 websites get hacked every day and it is imperative to protect sensitive data on your site from hackers and intruders. So, you need to make sure your web host conduct regular security audits and installs the latest security tools like DDoS protection and RAID technologies.

  • Your dedicated server host should also be able to offer you root access to the server, high bandwidth, enough disk space and dedicated memory. The plans must have high degree of customizability and flexibility options.
  • While the server may be cheap or low-priced, the customer service supports cannot be inferior. So, when choosing a cheap dedicated server you should make sure the host can give you round-the-clock support through phone calls, emails and chats. There should also be a resource portal where you can reach out to for queries in case the host is unable to offer you 24x7 supports.

So, while you may enjoy cost savings with cheap dedicated hosting plans, you should not have to compromise on service quality. Before you sign up, it is important to check that the server has all the features you will need for your business to grow. It is recommended that you check for the credentials of the hosting company you have chosen and consult client testimonials and feedbacks on their site. Your duty is to choose a host which does not offer you cheap plans but cost-effective hosting options which can look after your interests just as well. It is better to sign up with web hosts that offer free trials so that you can test their services before paying for them.

It is possible to get cheap dedicated servers when you opt for unmanaged hosting solutions. When you have a technically proficient staff to handle server management tasks, this may be a good option. However, when you lack an experienced IT staff it is perhaps safer to choose managed hosting plans where the provider will be responsible for troubleshooting all technical problems. Alternately, you can get a cheap dedicated server when you find online coupons offered by hosting services at times. However, it is imperative that you check for what you will get in such plans and review the SLA terms carefully before you sign up.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Why Your Small Business Needs Cheap VPS?

VPS is an acronym for virtual private server. It is also referred to as cheap VPS since it works like a dedicated server at a cost as low as the shared hosting. VPS fills in the huge gap that otherwise exists between the two traditional hosting platforms.

Difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting:

Shared hosting is the best choice for a startup when they are uncertain about how their services will perform in the highly competitive environment. There are numerous websites sharing the resources.  It is the least expensive service but has several restrictions that make it difficult for a business to grow.

Dedicated server, on the other hand, is more expensive than all other hosting servers. There is only one entity housing in the entire server and they have complete control over the resources as well as the server.

Evolution of VPS:

This huge difference between the two was creating difficulty for a growing business as they could not afford the high costs of the dedicated machine nor continue with shared hosting as it was impairing the performance. This led to the introduction of the cheap VPS.

How is it created:

Using the virtualization technology, a physical server is split into two or more smaller virtual servers. They are placed in individual compartments, each with its own copy of operating system and resources. It means, when an organization has chosen a cheap VPS as their hosting platform, they will continue sharing the server with other websites. However, they enjoy the control and privacy of a dedicated server since they are hosted individually.

Choice of an operating system:

Cheap VPS servers are available in Linux and Windows operating system. There is no difference in the features or functions however it is recommended to look for cheap Windows VPS hosting if a website is built on the Microsoft technologies of ASP.NET. Linux OS does not support the Microsoft technologies and can cause performance issues. Windows OS is compatible with all the scripts and users can get access to all the Microsoft products and technologies.

Windows plans can be higher in cost since all the Microsoft products require the users to pay a license fee. Linux is open source and available free and applications are built using the PHP, Perl, Python script languages.

Advantages of the cheap VPS:

Gives control: Customers have root access and can configure it in any manner. They can install the software of their choice. VPS requires you to have the technical competency to manage and maintain your applications.

Total privacy:Each account is housed separately so there is no possibility of any outside interference.

More secure: Risks of a compromised account having its effect on your website is not there in VPS. Firewalls, antivirus solutions, D-DoS protection are built into the server to prevent intrusions.

Reliable: Every VPS is allocated individual resources like storage, RAM, bandwidth. Risks of server going down or slow page uploads due to traffic pressures is minimal.

Dedicated IP: VPS accounts do not share a common IP. So, the risk of your website being banned because of a neighbor’s illegal activities does not arise. It is important you comply with all the terms and conditions specified by your host.

What you need from your hosting service provider:

There are a couple of factors that you must consider when selecting a hosting service. Ensure you have SLA commitments of speed and uptime. Your servers must be available all the time. Another requirement is dedicated around the clock support. Issues can arise at any time and if they are not available it will impact your business performance. 

Monday, 8 October 2018

Experience the Best Online Performance with Dedicated Game Server Hosting

People have taken to gaming seriously and if there is an outage or interruptions disturbing them, they look for alternate service providers. Imagine the frustrations when a full-paced game suddenly slows down or the server crashes bringing the game to a halt. Gamers will not like losing the history or any other vital data related to the game. This is one reason why the ideal choice would be dedicated game server hosting
Why dedicated servers

With dedicated servers, the practice of sharing server resources with other websites is not there since there is only one user. The complete server is exclusively used by that entity. With this type of machine, you are assured of reliable bandwidth connection, complete server space and memory only for your gaming needs. You will have the control to restrict number of players, play alone without interruptions, or allow outsiders to join, and run a private server at your premise.

High resource requirements:

Merely having a dedicated server may not serve the purpose. Your dedicated game server hosting must provide you ample memory and bandwidth. It is only then you can be assured of fast connection. You will have to invest more for superior bandwidth and resources but will assure of better game experience for your clients. Since the CPU, RAM, bandwidth is with you, there will be no risk of underperformance. You can have different types of games running at the same time creating different levels of privileges. Players can choose to play private games or in pre-designed slots.

Add your own software

With the dedicated game server hosting, you have the flexibility and control to customize and install the software of your choice. If you are using the gaming machine for commercial purpose and allowing others to play, it is important to take precautions against potential cheaters. It is like securing your applications against hackers and online cybercriminals who can steal your data and cause harm to your client information. There could be players who can cheat. So, you must install some type of anti-cheating software. This will give an assurance to the genuine players while safeguarding your business from cheaters.

Choose your provider with care:

Ensure dedicated support

Your investments are high, and you have several customers relying on you to provide them some exciting time. if for some reason, the server creates an issue and clients are unable to get access to the game, they will be disappointed and make frantic calls to you. Adding further woes, if your dedicated game server hosting provider has shut their office for the day, your business is in trouble. You have no other alternative but to wait till they open their business the next morning. Your gaming clients will not wait, and you lose your reputation as well as customers. Make sure, you choose your hosting company that offers dedicated around the clock technical support. They must be available on every source of communication to enable you to contact them immediately to avoid the risks of business discontinuity.

Uptime commitment

In addition to dedicated support, the dedicated gameserver hosting company that you choose must guarantee of speed and network uptime of at least 99.95%. When players wish to login to their game, if your server is down, it will only infuriate them. All your investments will go down the drain with unhappy customers.

Another point you must consider is the price you are paying for the server and the plan cost. You may find the package cost attractive only to find later there are many features that carry an additional fee that can disturb the operational costs you had budgeted for.  

How Beneficial is Go4hosting Managed Server Hosting?

When you choose web hosting solutions from a hosting provider, the idea is to relieve your internal IT teams of responsibilities of condu...