Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Top Benefits of VPS Hosting India Services for a Small Business

If your small business is having a good visitor response, it is time to look for the best VPS hosting India services.  You probably would have started your business on a shared hosting platform. However, the server resources will not be sufficient once the traffic starts increasing and can cause performance issues. VPS must be your first upgrade option. Dedicated server is another option. but it could be too big and expensive for a small business.

What is VPS:

VPS or virtual private servers as they are otherwise popular as, are built using the virtualization technology. A physical server is split into two or more servers each of which runs its own operating system. Each virtual server is assigned a dedicated IP and get their own assured share of resources.

This means when you buy the VPS hosting India services, your website will be placed in an individual compartment ensuring of the privacy like in a dedicated machine. Your business will have assured dedicated resources with a unique IP that is not shared with others.

It is not a cheap dedicated server

People often presume that the cheapest dedicated server hosting is only an alternative name for the VPS servers since they have common features. There are several differences. VPS is an independent virtually created machine in a multi-tenant environment. It is far lower in price and offers less resource capacity. VPS works ideal for a business that has wavering traffic.

Choose an appropriate operating system

VPS hosting India services are normally offered in Linux and Windows operating systems. Although the features are same in both the servers, for improved performance, it is recommended you choose a Windows server if your website is built using ASP.NET technology. In the same way, choose Linux OS if your site is constructed using the open source script languages like PHP, Python etc. Windows is a Microsoft-owned commercially sold software. You must pay a license fee to use it. All Windows-based plans cost more than the Linux server plans.

The primary benefit you get with VPS hosting India service is the proximity to your target audience. If most of your clients are from India and any of its adjoining regions, hosting your website at a data center in India will ensure speed and reliability.

Features of VPS hosting India service

Server control: Unlike in shared hosting, the customers have complete control and root access. You may configure the server in any manner, install any software applications you think will improve efficiency. You may host any number of websites. If you have the technical expertise, you can manage the email servers, website files, backups, security configurations and similar on your own.

High reliability: Since you have your share of resources, even if a neighbor draws more resources, it will not disturb your business. VPS is scalable. Risks of a server crash due to high traffic load will be seldom experienced.

More privacy: Each account is housed in individual compartments where there is no possibility of anyone other than who is authorized can gain entry. You also are provided a dedicated IP that gives your business security that is lacking in shared hosting.

Server uptime: Hosting providers house the servers in resilient data centers that maintain N+1 redundancy in all the data center infrastructure. Network uptime and speed is not an issue if you pick the right hosting service.

Your service provider will offer strong SLA of at least 99.95% network uptime and low latency. Choose a provider that offers around the clock technical support and is available on the phone, email, or live chat for you to communicate at times of emergencies. 

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