Saturday, 2 September 2017

Things to Understand Before Choosing Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting

Unmanaged dedicated hosting appeals to businesses which need to work with tight budgets. Dedicated hosting is the best solutions for companies that get a lot of traffic and must engage in online financial transactions. But dedicated hosting can be of various types, one of which is unmanaged dedicated hosting. Usually the dedicated servers are rented from a web hosting service provider. This host will have redundant network connections, a fault-resilient and secure data center. Compared to shared hosting plans, you can enjoy far better control over your resources. You can tweak the server settings to suit your interests. And most importantly, you get to monitor the administration and security of the servers.

How are unmanaged hosting plans beneficial?

The unmanaged dedicated hosting plans are typically the do-it-yourself hosting solutions. When you choose to sign up for these plans, you are expected to have a fair amount of expertise and knowledge about handling server administration. You will also be responsible for troubleshooting any server related problem that may arise. So, either a whole IT team or an individual will be monitoring the security, memory, and bandwidth. These individuals must have the capabilities and expertise to optimize these dedicated servers.

In contrast, there are managed hosting plans where the companies par more to get expert help from the web host for managing their servers. So, in managed dedicated hosting, the servers are leased by clients but these are handled by the provider. You will find that these companies which provide managed hosting solutions may offer varying levels of technical supports. Amongst these, the most basic support services will include notification of suspicious activities and malfunctioning of servers. Besides, they will also extend support through phone calls and emails; support for uncommon tools, configure software and operating systems, monitor hard drive usage and bandwidth usage and track uptime.

Things to remember when choosing unmanaged dedicated hosting plans:

  • When choosing unmanaged hosting solutions, you should be prepared to handle all kinds of administration related issues. So, you must be self-sufficient at all costs and you able to install the operating system; manage it and install custom software and applications for security. You will also be responsible for installing a variety of web applications and upgrade these from time to time. You have to set up security patches and conduct system restores. Data backups and monitoring of the entire system will also be part of their tasks.

  • When choosing unmanaged dedicated hosting, you need to ensure that your host takes care of network monitoring, web connectivity monitoring and providing equipments for hardware. The host will also ensure high-end connectivity and guarantee 100% uptime. However, you will be responsible for running the dedicated server seamlessly and for monitoring the OS and other applications.
This shows that unmanaged dedicated hosting is not advisable for all companies. It is best when you have a team of able experts and sufficiently-skilled members. It is a cost-effective option when compared to fully-managed dedicated hosting. But, at the same time, it demands complete knowledge of working of web servers, software skills to monitor the OS and apps, and expertise to handle operation of solutions meant for ecommerce sites.

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