Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Multiple Benefits You Get with Windows Cloud Server

When you are choosing IT solutions, it is important you look for flexibility as well as control through some robust technologies and applications. You must consider the Windows cloud server which is cost-effective, sturdy and get you the best performance to stay ahead of your competition. One benefit that you straightaway get is that all the Windows servers come pre-installed with the popular Microsoft technologies to which you get access. You must purchase the Microsoft server licenses to use the products. 

Choice of server and instant deployment:

When you chose to host your website on the Windows cloud server, you can select any of the versions that you are comfortable with. The installation does not take long and you can immediately start working on it. You can connect to your server via the Remote Desktop(RDP).  The cloud servers are customizable and you may configure it in any manner you wish that you think will suit your business. 

How the cloud works:

Cloud runs on the virtualization technology. Any service that you access using the internet can be said to be cloud technology. Cloud is a cluster of interconnected servers and runs as a network.  The servers are deployed in remote data centers across the globe. 

Using the Hyper-V hypervisor, Windows cloud server allows optimized cloud solutions giving your business the best of the top operating system and physical hardware. It offers the capabilities of a dedicated server with the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of the cloud.  

The hypervisors are far superior to the VPS machines as they are totally isolated and come with a dedicated operating system, individual storage SSDs, superior processing power and dedicated memory without the concept of sharing. 

The hypervisor cloud servers better over the dedicated servers because of instant on demand scalability which guarantees business continuity even at high traffic times. Cloud servers can replicate the data to highly redundant backup nodes and automated switchover. Dedicated servers need human intervention which consumes time and can result in downtime. 

Eliminates downtime:

The primary advantage and an important one, of your Windows cloud server are that your website is being served its resources from multiple servers. Since the cloud is all automated, even if one of the nodes is down for some reason, you still get your resources from the other virtual machines in the network. The scope of your business becoming unavailable are minimized and you will have guaranteed uptime of near 100%. 

Assured continuity:

Another significant benefit with your Windows cloud server is that you can scale your resources both ways. In simpler terms, it means when you anticipate peak traffic, you can always increase your space and other resources with a couple of clicks. Once the rush reduces, you can reduce your resources and eliminate wastage of resources. The cloud billing model of pay-as-you-use applies here too. Windows server comes with in-built protection against D-DoS attacks by the cyber criminals and offer strong firewalls, antivirus and anti-malware solutions to make sure your website is not disturbed in any manner. 

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