Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Top Reasons Why You Must Choose Windows dedicated Server Hosting

Windows dedicated server hosting is a type of hosting service where the client rents a physical server entirely for their business. Their website is built using the Microsoft owned Windows technologies of ASP.NET and MSSQL database. With a dedicated server, you have the entire server resources for your individual needs without the practice of sharing the server as you experience in VPS and shared hosting. One advantage of the Windows operating system is its compatibility with all types of servers including Mac, Linux, and Unix. 

Though expensive it is cost effective:

When you buy a Microsoft product, you can be assured of the best infrastructure, robust security and frequent software updates and upgrades that will enhance the performance of the business. The Windows dedicated server hosting is more expensive than the Linux servers mainly because all the Microsoft products require you to buy a license to use the software. You can use the high-end technologies like Visual Interdev, Windows Streaming Media, Microsoft SharePoint etc. The best providers also offer Smart Bundle Pro that comes with numerous tools for a better email communication.

Dedicated servers are higher in price since there is only one client utilizing the total resources but in return your business gets more resources, reliability, complete privacy, security, and better control over the server. Your website will perform better with assured availability and minimum downtime and low latency as chances of crunch in resources are very less. There is no possibility of your website being affected by other businesses as it happens in shared hosting. The hosting can also be called as cheap dedicated windows server hosting since you have continuous availability.

Dedicated servers are built with the finest hardware components and your Windows dedicated server hosting provider houses your website in highly redundant data centers where you are assured of the maximum network availability of nearly 100% and fast connectivity.

Complete administrative control:

The Windows dedicated server hosting gives you root access and control over your server via the Remote Desktop. You can install any software that you may need, configure the server in any manner and use it for any business. You can host any number of websites. Manage your server with the Plesk control panel. The setup time is quick and may vary per the add-on features and customization you may require.

Frequent updates and proactive monitoring:

When you buy the Windows dedicated server hosting, you have complete privacy and security for your applications and files. Microsoft periodically updates its software with security patches. However, Windows applications when being installed or upgraded require you to reboot the server.

Top hosting providers will assist you with that service as they have their technical experts monitoring your server for its performance. In case they find anything that could likely cause hindrance to smooth performance, they instantly notify you and do the necessary replacements. In addition, you are assured of 24 x 7 x 365 days dedicated support over the phone, live chat, and email to ensure there are no issues with the server that could hinder a smooth performance and get you the edge over your competitors with a dedicated server.

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