Friday, 3 March 2017

Why is it Necessary to Buy SSL Certificate?

Obtaining the SSL certificate is a matter of utmost importance for ecommerce websites. The SSL or Secure Sockets Layer certificate forms the very backbone of secure online shopping because it protects sensitive buyer information from being compromised. SSL is also needed for overall site protection even if the site may not handle confidential data like credit card details. The main reason why you should buy SSL certificate is to ensure that sensitive data which is sent through the Internet is encrypted in a way so that only the recipient meant to get the data can interpret it.

Why is the SSL important?

SSL certification ensures that data sent across the web is properly encrypted till it reaches the intended recipient. In the process, this data will have to travel through many computers to reach the destination server. During this process, chances of credit card information, password details or other confidential information, may be accessed unless there is proper encryption. However, when you buy SSL certificate, this data becomes completely unreadable till the destination server is reached. So, you can successfully protect your clients against identity thieves or hackers.

What are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you buy SSL certificate?

  • To begin with, SSL certificates will provide authentication; you can be rest assured that the information you are sending to a specific server is indeed the right server and not an imposter. This is vital because there are many computers out there which can well pretend to be the website you are looking for. They may even trick you into submitting your personal information which can be misused by them. Reputed SSL certificate providers will offer this certification only to companies which they have checked thoroughly.
  • When you buy SSL certificate, it will help to establish trust amongst your viewers about your website. The web browsers typically offer cues like a green bar or a lock icon to show that the website is SSL certified. Seeing this, customers are more likely to buy from that website.
  • The most important advantage you can get when you buy SSL certificate is data encryption. This means that the information sent can be read only by intended recipients. It also means that in case this information lands up in wrong hands, the data cannot be read and it will become useless.
  • To get PCI compliance, you need to buy SSL certificate. This means you have to pass few audits before you can accept credit card payments from your buyers. These audits are needed to prove that you comply with PCI or Payment Card Industry rules.
  • The SSL certificate will also guard against phishing. The phishing emails have links which may lead unsuspecting viewers to sites that are actually replicas of existing reputed websites. The makers of such fake sites will typically not be able to get a valid SSL certificate. So, when you do not notice the SSL signs on their site, you will stay away from such suspicious websites.
  • Companies which offer SSL certificates have symbols that prove that their sites are well-encrypted. These icons help to promote their brand image before customers. When you can create a positive relationship of trust between the buyers and your business, you can offer them a satisfying shopping experience.

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