Monday, 20 February 2017

What Factors Should You Look At When Choosing the Best VPS Hosting Provider?

In VPS server hosting, a single server is compartmentalized to create multiple virtual servers. Each such server is capable of functioning independent of the others. They can run their own version of an operating system. Users enjoy root access to the servers and they are free to install scripts and custom software of their choice. So, when you choose VPS hosting solutions in India, you can enjoy almost all benefits of dedicated hosting minus the high costs.

What things should you consider to get the best VPS hosting service provider in India?
  • To start with, you must decide whether to choose unmanaged VPS or managed VPS solutions. In the unmanaged hosting type, the task of server management will rest with you and not the host. So, this is obviously a cheaper alternative compared to managed solutions where the host is in charge of securing and monitoring the servers, and troubleshooting all server-related problems. Unmanaged hosting should not be a choice when you do not have a technically sound and experienced IT staff to manage the servers.
  • Secondly, to get the best VPS hosting service provider, you must definitely compare the features and prices offered by different vendors. Not all providers are the same and you should check for client feedbacks before signing up. You should also inquire about additional charges if any besides the hosting fees. This refers to installation costs, licensing fees, migration costs, additional costs for upgrades and updates etc.
  • To find the best VPS hosting service provider, you should find out beforehand whether the host is in a position to offer you additional resources if you need these. You will not want to sign up for plans which are not scalable and where the provider is not able to offer you extra resources like bandwidth or memory when you need them for further growth.
  • When you have opted for managed VPS plans, your next task is to make sure that the control panel offered to you is easy to use. New bloggers should not find it too challenging for their use.
  • Before you make a decision about the best VPS hosting service provider, you need to make sure it can provide you with the amount of RAM you need. RAM is needed to run your OS and virtual servers and this means you will need more RAM than what you had needed in shared hosting. Providers will always offer a certain amount of bandwidth to their clients; you must know the bandwidth limitations before you sign up with any host.
  • Finally, you must look for a vendor which can offer you round-the-clock technical supports in the form of live chats, emails and telephone calls. The customer service team should not be referring you to a FAQ page when you need their assistance. Rather, there should be a proper team of professionals to assist you in times of technical glitches. So, it is a good idea to check their response times before deciding on a host.

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