Thursday, 16 March 2017

Ways to Get Quality Dedicated Server Hosting Providers in India

Getting quality dedicated hosting providers in India is the first step when you are looking for affordable yet effective hosting solutions for your business. Without a good web hosting provider, you cannot hope to enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting plans. In dedicated hosting, an entire server is rented exclusively by a client enterprise; this is why dedicated hosting can guarantee higher reliability, customizability, stability, enhanced security and technical supports. In choosing a good web host, it is important to consider these factors when you are searching for reliable dedicated server hosting services:

  1. To begin with, your web host must be able to guarantee you superior hardware and not outdated components which are liable to malfunction. You should therefore review their SLAs and check for hardware replacement guarantees to be sure that any defective hardware if replaced without delays. The idea should be to get a host which can provide high-end hardware like enterprise-grade HDDs from reputed makers like HP or Dell.
  2. Before you sign up with any of the dedicated server hosting providers in India, you have to check their support systems. They should be able to offer round-the-clock technical supports through live chats, emails and phone. You should be able to get in touch with professionals when you face technical issues. It may be a good idea to check for their response times in this case and go through client feedbacks.
  3. When you are keen to get dedicated server hosting providers in India, you should look for companies which can offer you support, regardless of the operating system you choose. For instance, if they can only offer you support for Linux applications, it may not be a good idea to sign up with them if your site runs .NET technologies which work only in Windows environments.
  4. Before you sign on the dotted line, it is also necessary to find out the kind of control panel your host provides. Ideally, the web host should offer popular and user-friendly panels like the WHM or Plesk or cPanel. This ensures that even if you need to move to another host eventually, you will not face any hardships.
  5. It is also important to find out whether the host is in a position to provide you with additional software, should the need arise. While you may be capable of installing these on your own, it is a help if the host can take care of the installation.
  6. Besides, the dedicated server hosting providers in India that you may have shortlisted should offer uptime guarantees as high as 99.9%. You can check for such guarantees in their Service Level Agreements. You should also check for their data center locations to be sure that there is no chance of downtimes because of sudden power failures. It is a fact that the cheaper priced dedicated hosting plans will use cheaper data centers which may not be well-equipped; these are usually crammed and server congestions are frequent. The result is longer ping times and you may find it hard to cope with the traffic peaks.
Using these guidelines you should be able to find quality dedicated server hosting providers in India. You can always check for feedbacks from clients and read through online reviews about their performances.

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