Wednesday, 27 June 2018

5 Factors to Consider When Picking Email Hosting India Services

Communication through email is the standard protocol followed by businesses of all sizes. It is more effective, affordable, and reliable than communicating over the telephone. You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing an email hosting India provider. There are some common functionalities that you must take into consideration when choosing your service provider. 

1. Security:

Your emails will contain some confidential information meant only for the email recipient. Any leakage of the information to a third-party can cause severe losses for your customers. Data security should be the primary concern when you choose your hosting provider. 

There are many email service providers that offer free services. Avoid them as you may have to sacrifice on quality. They lack the robust security features that an email hosting India service offers. You may be required to pay a price to get the services but you are assured of quality security to your information. They build your servers with firewalls and anti-spam filters and are compliant with all statutory regulations. 

2. Management and Operation:

Email is the mainstay of business communications as vital information will reach multiple users across the globe instantly with a single click on the send button. The best email hosting India companies provide complete flexibility and control to the clients to focus on their primary interest i.e. their business. They monitor and manage the email server on your behalf. They offer 24/7 support and take responsibility from the time you sign up with them. The services include server deployment, troubleshooting, hardware monitoring and upgrades, software installations and updates, security patches etc.  

3. High flexibility and compatibility:

Your business can get superior collaboration and allow your employees much flexibility to access their calendars, messages, contacts and share them with colleagues on demand from any location. It enables you to access on any mobile device and is compatible with all the top operating systems.  The email hosting India you pick should come with features like

  1. Provide a customized email address with your brand name.
  2. Tools like anti-spam filters, ad blockers, autoresponders etc.
  3. Access compatibility with POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and webmail.
  4. Data backup, archiving, recovery solutions.

4. Scalable storage:

Your information will increase as your business grows. You would not want to see a message saying, “mailbox full” as soon as you open the email account. At such times, you are left with no option but to delete some of your old records. This is frustrating and a waste of precious time. Make sure the email hosting India provider offers scalable storage. You can avoid risks of important emails not being delivered to your inbox. 

5. Availability:

It is important that your communication source is always on and available. Ensure your email hosting India provider offers redundancy and guarantees at least 99.95% network uptime with the lowest latency. 

Like with hosting providers, you have a choice of email servers as your default option. Zimbra hosting services are among the best options that allow you to several high-end features like data storing, sharing, archiving, anytime access with complete privacy and security at affordable plan costs.

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