Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Salient Qualities of Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

The three most vital parameters to select an efficient yet cheap dedicated server hosting are technical support, dependable host, and robust security. It would be interesting to dig deeper into these requirements before zeroing on the dedicated server host.

Maintenance and technical support 

A dedicated server needs to be backed by a large array of maintenance related services by your host. These may include optimization of MySQL and analysis of log files in addition to repairs of software problems and other services related to server boot and network. 

You must be provided with seamless access to expert technical support executives to instantly escalate your issues irrespective of time or weekdays. These technicians are highly experienced in resolving issues associated with boot and server deployment. Since there are growing instances of cyber crimes, a host must have experts to handle hacking or intrusion issues. 

Some of the commonest tasks assigned to technical support professionals by your web host are POP3 and IMAP services database repairs or recompilation of Apache server in a Linux dedicated hosting environment. 

Secured and reliable

Security of hosting can be categorized into physical and network related security measures as well as monitoring of different systems to check security flaws. It is advisable to make sure that periodic security audits are performed by a provider of cheap dedicated server hosting.  Frequent and timely OS upgrades and patching are important security initiatives undertaken by a reputed host of dedicated server hosting. 

The basic data center infrastructure should be capable of providing optimum security arrangements to protect premises, servers, systems, and digital assets of clients such as databases. These top tiered data centers enhance website performance to offer peace of mind to clients of cheap dedicated server hosting.

Exclusive access to server resources 

One of the most important highlights of reputed and cheap dedicated server hosting services is the exclusive availability of server resources. The power-packed performance of a dedicated server eliminates chances of clogging resources to keep your website always up and running.

Flexibility of choices

Users of cheap dedicated server hosting plans are entitled to choose operating systems in addition to the unrestricted freedom to decide software, CPU, disk space, and RAM as per the website’s requirements. In contrast, a shared hosting plan may force you to pay for the features that are not required while failing to offer few essential applications. 

The customizable server environment is an added advantage of Windows or Linux dedicated hosting. The option to choose the configuration is the most valuable attribute of a dedicated server for websites that need to handle huge traffic spikes or businesses that deal with sensitive information of their clients. 

In conclusion

If your business is matured in terms of visitor base, security requirements, application deployments, or CPU and RAM related needs, then a cheap dedicated server hosting solution is what you should be looking for. Fully managed dedicated hosting can be the most attractive option for organizations that need to reduce dependability on in-house IT teams.

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