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Cheap Dedicated Server - Ideally Suited For Hosting High Traffic Websites

The growth in economy has resulted in growth in number of those mega businesses, which are based on internet. The E-Commerce organisations are fully dependent on internet service and server hosting service, to conduct all their activities, related to business transactions. These internet dependent big business organisations not only need to host their business web sites, with assured 24x7, 365 days running of web sites with guaranteed uptimes but also to be able to conduct all business transactions online. These E Commerce business organisations, whose business web sites necessarily have huge traffic of web site visitors, have to opt for the web hosting services of a Dedicated Server. 

What is a Dedicated server?   

A dedicated server, as the name suggests, is a server whose server resources is dedicated to a single user. A server for providing hosting service, is a physical computing machine. Now, in web hosting service, a dedicated server is a computer, which is rented to a client for her/his exclusive use, as a web hosting server. This computer, in a dedicated server, also has a web site server, the related software for web site hosting, and its connectivity to an internet service, with it. This entire set up is housed by the web hosting service providing company, in its own premises. 

A Dedicated server for web hosting service is generally needed by those clients, whose web sites generate a considerable amount of traffic of web site visitors. There are some business web sites, those may have about 35 to 40 million hits from the web site visitors, in a day. The E Commerce business houses web sites, may have more number of hits, than this number, from the web site visitors, on a daily basis. The dedicated server is the only web hosting server, which is capable of handling such a huge traffic of web site visitors, without having any risk of failure in providing service of an un interrupted running of the web site, with all essential features functioning fully, those are necessary for conducting successful online business transactions, for the client. 

The Dedicated server can be very efficiently managed by the hosting service provider company. So much so, that the client needs not at all bother about management of her/his server, all by her/himself or spend money in maintaining technical man power for managing her/his server, if she/he is not technically equipped to manage the server by self. The dedicated server hosting service provider company takes care of everything.  The client can remotely operate and configure her/his dedicated server, according to her/his business needs. The Dedicated Server being housed in the premises of the hosting service providing company, helps in saving the costs of the client for having to arrange for routers, security system, connections of internet and administration of network etc.

The rental of a dedicated server to a client means, rental of a dedicated amount of memory, dedicated amount of space in a hard disk, and specified bandwidth. Here, in bandwidth specification, a dedicated number of gigabytes of data is mentioned, which is to be delivered to the client, every month. The dedicated server hosting also include capabilities of system of Domain name, e mail hosting and File Transfer Protocol (FTP), along with the hosting service. Some dedicated server hosting service provider companies also provide a unique user-friendly interface to its customers, for better control of the server. 

Cheap Dedicated Server

The expenses of hosting service from a dedicated server is usually on the higher side, as the complete server resources are utilised by one client only. But, presently, there are many reputable and reliable dedicated server hosting service provider companies, those are providing dedicated server hosting service to their clients at an affordable price. These dedicated server hosting service provider companies are known to be providing quality web hosting service to their clients for a reasonably long number of years. These companies are experienced and reliable and affordable dedicated server hosting service providing companies, available for the users. 

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