Wednesday, 28 March 2018

How to Get Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

It is important for a business to look for the best services at the lowest possible price to ensure maximum productivity. Cheap dedicated server hosting will serve the purpose and get you the profits as well as an edge over competition. In dedicated server hosting, a client takes an entire server for their exclusive use. This implies that they will not be sharing the server space and resources like ram, bandwidth etc with others. This is also the main reason for dedicated server plans to be typically costlier compared to shared hosting or VPS hosting plans. 

Who needs these servers:

The dedicated machines are ideally suited for e-commerce stores, sites which get a lot of traffic and those businesses that require that deal with mission-critical applications and need the highest level of privacy and security. When a business is looking for cheap dedicated server hosting, Cheap does not reflect the price of the services. You may still be paying a higher figure but the benefits that you get in return outweigh the costs. 

The features you enjoy with cheap dedicated server hosting:

You are in control of the machine: The biggest benefit of dedicated hosting is you get root access to the servers. This gives you the liberty to install custom software and applications of your choice that can help your business needs. You can configure the server the way you want. 

All the resources are yours: The machine also offers a high degree of reliability. This is because the complete resources are with you. So, risks of a slow server or frequent crashes during high traffic flow are eliminated. 

Superior privacy and security: Since you are alone, risks of other people’s activities affecting your business is not there. Nobody gets access to the server without your approval. The machine is built and maintained in secure data centers were possibilities of any breach are very low. 

Cheap dedicated server hosting service facilities can be achieved in two ways. 

Choose unmanaged server hosting:

Dedicated hosting will need you to be technically proficient since configuration of the server is not a layman’s job and requires high technical skills. You must have your own team of qualified engineers to monitor and manage the server and do all updates and security patches to the software you install. The host takes responsibility only for the software they install on the machine. Self-managed hosting is less expensive than managed dedicated hosting

Operating system: 

Choose Linux servers. You get a choice of Linux and Windows servers. Although the features are same in both, Linux dedicated hosting is more affordable than the Windows. Linux is open-source and available free. Windows is commercially sold as a product with a license fee. The fee is added to the plan costs which makes Windows plan cost more. 

However, in your eagerness to find best dedicated server hosting, do not compromise on certain factors. You must have a network uptime of at least 99.95% and there should be no latency issues. Your provider must offer you 365 days technical support.   

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