Monday, 25 September 2017

Angular JS Hosting - Perfect Hosting Solution, Very Rich With Features

Angular JS is a development frame work. Angular JS is highly useful in developing dynamic web applications.  Google bears the responsibility of maintaining Angular JS. The web application developers use HTML as their template language. It also allows extending HTML syntax for clean and clear code.  

What is Angular JS hosting ?

Those who are interested to deploy Angular JS framework must have Angular JS hosting solution. The web developers developing dynamic web applications need Angular JS as a working tool.  Angular JS allows the user to use HTML text as template language.  Angular JS is useful for creation of all modern web applications. It is built upon Model View Controller (MVC) concept.  Angular JS divides business logic layer presentation and logic layers into separate sections.  This division into individual sections makes management of the related sections much easy. 

Benefits of Angular JS hosting- 

The main benefit of Angular JS hosting is that the user need not create special codes for binding the data with HTML control. Previously, the user had to write number of codes for designing and developing an application, to carry out a Document Object Model (DOM). Angular JS has reduced this burden of writing so many codes and the user has to now write a limited number of codes.  Angular JS application unit tests designs were designed and developed by Google designers with the testing framework that is called “Karma”.

Angular JS hosting is practically free from any error. It is an open source framework. The writing of extra codes in Java to keep data in HTML form has been made unnecessary now, by Angular JS.  This task is automatically done by Angular JS framework and angular JS hosting.

A very important feature of a single page dynamic application of routing or shifting from one view to another is also taken care by Angular JS framework and Angular JS hosting. Angular JS is very efficient in supporting of testing. It may be either unit testing or integration testing; both are equally well supported by Angular JS.

Angular JS proves itself to be the brilliant and inevitable development framework for web designers and developers. This is a Java Script frame work. The web developers and designers have very much greater control of their web applications with Angular JS. Angular JS is a framework that is very rich in features. Client side web application can be added with greater value with Angular JS by web developers and designers. 

Angular JS does not need node.JS to perform.  One can use it from Google CDN also without script being hosted on the user’s server.  For testing purpose node.JS is used, if any web developer becomes interested to do any testing with “Karma”. An application can be hosted on a simple server without node.JS and test it locally if the user does not have it. 

Any server on the internet is able to host an Angular JS application. All work done from the client’s side will be easy and comfortable. 

The rewrite of "Angular JS" was called as “Angular 2” by its creative team. “Angular 4” was also announced on December 13th, 2016. Angular 4 is compatible with Angular 2 or Angular JS. 

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