Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Matchless Benefits of Cheap Linux Dedicated Servers

Whether you are in pursuit of cheap Linux dedicated servers or Windows dedicated servers, your final decision will be most certainly influenced by performance and costs. In fact the most beneficial hosting service is the one that strikes right balance between these two features. 

Right OS for dedicated server

Task of finding the right server that offers economy as well as performance can be extremely daunting because high performance of servers is usually associated with equally higher costs and majority of economical server options suffer from performance related issues. 

There can be no two opinions about the high standards of performance and efficiency of dedicated servers. Cheap Linux dedicated servers is the go to solution for catering to all diverse needs of hosting resource intensive websites without compromising performance. In fact your website can be expected to deliver ultimate performance only in a dedicated server environment. 

Since there can be no other alternative to a dedicated server for a high supporting a high performing and mission critical website, one needs to compare the operating systems for arriving at the solution that is cost efficient as well as able to support power-packed performance of a dedicated server. 

Operating systems for dedicated servers

Servers differ from standard desktop computers in myriad of aspects, although they may appear to be similar to the personal computers. The basic difference between a PC and server is related with their user profile. A PC is designed for a single user but a server can be accessed by a large number of users. In order to allow easy access to these users, a server must be connected over a network with users. 

The very purpose of a server makes it necessary to have a different operating system than conventional ones used for running standard PCs. Operating systems such as Linux or Windows are designed to support and operate applications and other software programs installed on servers. 

Unique features of Linux servers

Cheap Linux dedicated servers are powered by Linux OS, which is an open source distribution. It is also provided in multitude of different flavors including Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS to suit different applications. Every Linux distribution facilitates entire server operations and has been provided with package manager for enabling seamless installation of packages including web or email applications. 

Linux is open source product and is built to facilitate multi-user environments of web servers. It is offered to users as a free distribution, which explains its better cost efficiency in comparison with Windows operating system that requires users to purchase licenses and updates periodically. 

Another compelling advantage of Cheap dedicated server hosting, which is powered by Linux OS is its enhanced compatibility with a myriad of open source applications since Linux itself is open source distribution. Many users prefer Windows operating system to support Windows specific applications such as MS SQL, SharePoint, or Active Directory and to avoid steep learning curve of Linux distributions.

Linux based operating systems are highly popular due to excellent affordability and stability of hosting. These cheap Linux dedicated servers also support savings because of absence of recurrent fees unlike Windows based operating systems. 


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