Tuesday, 23 May 2017

What Makes Cheap Linux Dedicated Server Better Than Windows Dedicated Server?

Before we jump into why Linux dedicated hosting is better than Windows dedicated hosting, let us first refresh what does dedicated hosting mean.

Brief introduction - Dedicated hosting

Web hosting services allow businesses to make their online services accessible to others over the internet. With dedicated hosting, you get a private environment which you can control, scale, and customize as per your needs. You never have to share the resources with anyone else because the server is exclusively yours. While the host is responsible for maintaining the server, it is you who has the authority to choose the operating system and install software packages. Linux and Windows are the two types of operating systems on which a dedicated server runs. Although both offers the same level of efficiency, Linux dedicated hosting is more popular because it is an open source software and thus cheaper than Windows, which comes with a licensing fee. 

Reasons why cheap Linux dedicated server beats Windows server:


Stability: There is no argument in this. Linux systems are well known for their ability to run for several years without failure. So, when you opt for a Linux dedicated server, you have lesser technical problems. Several users have claimed to have run their systems on Linux for years without the need to restart. Additionally, Linux is capable of handling more number of processes than Windows. It also consumes lesser bandwidth than Windows dedicated servers.

Programming languages: Linux is a preferred choice for clients that use Perl, Python, and Ruby. PHP which is the most popular programming language is compatible with both the operating systems, but performs better in a Linux environment.

Cost: Many businesses choose Linux because of the cost advantage that it offers. It is one of its best benefits. As mentioned earlier, Linux is an open source platform and there is no licensing fee that needs to be paid for downloading or using it. This makes it more affordable than Windows. For users who want to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server and have a restricted budget, Linux dedicated servers are the best and cost effective option. There are several companies in the web hosting market that offers cheap Linux dedicated server packages.  

No need to reboot: Whenever you want to have some configuration changes on Linux, you can do it while your system is up and running. Generally, you don’t have to restart Linux. This means there will be no downtime. This is an important requirement when you have an online business because a shutdown or an extended downtime can result in losses for businesses relying on these servers.

Security: Linux is based on Unix, which is extremely secure from viruses, malware, and hackers. This is due to the fact that only root user or the administrator has the permission to access the kernel. However, this doesn’t mean that it is completely secure. Linux do get attacked, but the problem is fixed immediately and more quickly by the community of its developers. 

In short, Linux dedicated hosting is the most secured, reliable, and cheapest dedicated server hosting service. Organizations are not just using it now, they are getting the peace of mind to move their business forward.

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