Tuesday, 10 January 2017

VPS Hosting Service Provider in India - Taking Clients' Business To New Levels

VPS Hosting is becoming increasingly popular with companies, especially the small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The reasons are clear.

VPS hosting offers many features of a dedicated server sans the extra cost.

In a VPS environment, each server is shared by 5 to 15 entities, which helps to significantly reduce costs.

To deliver great performance or at par with dedicated server, the virtual private servers are configured using advanced virtualization software.

Importantly, each user is given root access, which means the user is provided with administrator level log on, enabling him/her full control of the server.

With numerous customers from various segments opting for VPS, a VPS provider in India is making best efforts to offer industry level features.

These can include, SSD drives, SSH access, convenient installation of an assortment of software, and eCommerce support.

Moreover hosting provider also offer affordable VPS hosting solutions that can include adequate disk space and bandwidth with the physical servers located judiciously.

Let us now discuss why companies choose VPS.

Most entrepreneurs start off with shared hosting. Obviously this is the cheapest hosting option offering most of the features needed by the entry level user.

But, more often than not, a situation arises when users desire more hosting power.

They want to boost their online business, and prefer to build their websites on a server that offers more power and flexibility than shared hosting.

In such a scenario VPS is the first upgrade. With VPS you experience several advantages.
  • You need not bother about maintenance. The vendor does this for you.
  • You can benefit by having multiple Virtual Machines on a single server.
  • With dedicated resources you deliver better performance to your site visitors.
  • You have the freedom to choose the OS and software you want on your computer
  • Stable performance – Unlike in a shared environment you are not affected by traffic and other activities by other entities.
  • It is fast. The VPS can be set up in no time
Of course there are certain drawbacks like:
  • Higher cost than shared server
  • You need to have some skills about server administration
  • You have to evaluate each offered plan exhaustively
But the downsides are minor compared to the benefits.

Fortunately, a VPS Hosting Service Provider in India offers plans that are flexible and scalable. Keen competition in the hosting market added to discerning customers is pressurizing vendors to offer the best possible plans.

Most clients now want that their VPS is located at a world class and secured data center. In line with this demand, several top end hosting vendors are having scalable data centers that ensure clients’ applications and websites are functional without any downtimes.

The compelling advantages VPS offers has made it extremely popular with small and medium sized businesses who desire more flexibility and freedom to organize and configure their server themselves.

With numerous entrepreneurs looking for affordable VPS Hosting solutions, it is not surprising that hosting companies are offering the most price competitive plans to meet business standards.

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