Wednesday, 18 January 2017

How Zimbra Email Hosting Solutions Improves Communication of Every Business

Businesses of every size still find email the best form of communication. Email is being used since ages now and it has been improving its features going along with the advancing technology. With competition increasing rapidly every business is looking for the best benefits at low costs.  Zimbra email hosting solutions has taken communication, both internally within employees and externally with clients and suppliers, to a higher level with some excellent features while keeping the costs within the reach of even the small businesses.

Controls and manages spam mails:

Sorting out emails and deleting unwanted emails is a time consuming task. There is every possibility of accidental deletion of mails that could be important for your business. With Zimbra email hosting solutions this risk is eliminated as it offers spam filters which automatically controls the spams and other unwanted mails from appearing in your inbox. All that you have to do is configure the filter settings

An organized calendar:  

Teams working on a common project from different locations of an organization need to be aware about the details of the project like project deadlines, progress, meetings and appointments etc. Zimbra email hosting solutions offers a calendar that allows the team members to access, modify and update the calendar based on the permission levels granted to them by the business owners

Zimbra email hosting solutions offers a business a wide range of features that makes it a cost-effective:

  • The client can maintain mailboxes in an appropriate way and allow all the employees access to the mails through all the common mail platforms like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft exchange and more.
  • Zimbra does not require the business to maintain backup of email copies, calendars and contacts that are shared among the employees. It is automatically generated. 
  • All the mails, calendars, contacts, messages can be retrieved from any compatible platform like Outlook, IMAP, Microsoft Exchange and from anywhere. 
  • Zimbra is open-source and does not require the client to buy any license. All the related equipment and infrastructure is managed and maintained by the email hosting provider. They also offer 24/7 customer support. This free your technical team from the hassles of email server maintenance issues.  
  • It allows faster communication flow as the employees can stay in touch by updating about the progress and outcome of a meeting with clients. Being a professionally maintained email server it builds up the reputation of your organization and improves the efficiency.
  • Zimbra allows a hassle free storage solution. It is scalable and you can store documents and files of any type and size.  You can access them whenever you want from anywhere and on any device.

Improves collaboration:

Zimbra email hosting solutions supports easy access from a wide range of mobile devices like BlackBerry, Android, Windows smartphones and audiphones etc. in addition to the desktops and laptops. This is very useful for employees on field work to coordinate and update their work with each other over email by connecting from wherever they are. It saves an organization a lot of money and time on travel. 

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