Thursday, 3 May 2018

Cheap Reseller Hosting - An Affordable, Reliable And Flexible Hosting Service

Reseller hosting is the web hosting service, where a web host purchases a plan in bulk, from a hosting company, divides the bulk plan into small hosting plans, to resell them to individuals and users. 

There are numbers of reseller hosting service providers in this country. There are reseller hosting provider services offering hosting service for a cheap price. But a cheap reseller hosting service does not necessarily be cheap in quality. There are Cheap Reseller Hosting service providers, who are offering reliability and support service, in their hosting service. 

The typical reseller of web hosting service may be a firm doing website designing, developing websites or integrates systems, that is offering web hosting service as an add-on service to the customers. Reseller hosting is a low-cost method to start a company for an entrepreneur of web hosting. The reseller hosting plans allow the resellers to design their own plans for providing hosting service, to their customers. They can select their own price structure for reselling hosting service. The resellers can also create their own brands by customization of the control panels and the servers.    

What is Reseller Hosting?  

Reseller hosting is a type of website hosting. Here, in Reseller Hosting Service, the owner of hosting account is empowered to utilize her or his allotted space in the hard drive and bandwidth, for hosting websites, on behalf of other parties, then herself or himself. 

In Reseller hosting service, the party or the Reseller can make a purchase the hosting services from the host, in the wholesale. Then the reseller can sell the hosting service to customers, to earn a sizable profit for herself/himself. The Reseller is allocated a certain fixed portion of space in the hard drive and bandwidth, in her/his account. The Reseller Hosting Service Provider has the option of renting a dedicated server from a hosting service providing company. 

The Reseller can also resell shared hosting services. In the case of reselling shared hosting service, the reseller simply obtains a permission to sell a certain amount of space on the hard disk and bandwidth, to the customers of their own. The reseller hosting service does not rent a server from a website hosting company, from which the reseller signed for a reseller account.  

Advantages of Reseller Hosting Service: 

  • Reselling hosting service provides additional income to the reseller. The resellers price their hosting services competitively, to win more customers.
  • The Resellers in Reseller Hosting service can specify their own plans for hosting. They can also offer flexibility to their clients.
  • The Reseller Hosting Service can produce an invoice for its customers under its own brand.
  • The Reseller Hosting Service is authorized to sell as many hosting plans as it wishes to sell. The Reseller is free to manage the space on hard disk and the bandwidth.
  • The Reseller Hosting Service needs not to make a large initial investment to start reselling hosting plans. The reseller does not have to do the service maintenance, as it is the responsibility of the supplier.
  • The Reseller Hosting service has to just concentrate on the quality of service provided to the customers. Technical support is the headache of the upstream provider. 

Cheap Reseller Hosting: 

Cheap Reseller Hosting Plans promote affordability, reliability, and flexibility. It makes every type of websites work well. It is a low budget venture. So, there are plenty of reliable and reputable Reseller Hosting Service Providers providing cheap plans for website hosting. One needs to just choose carefully. 

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  1. Don't go for cheap or reseller hosting or shared hosting. They are neither safe nor fast for your PHP based websites. I would recommend you to go with the best PHP hosting on cloud server. This type hosting provides dedicated server with ssd, which means more security and faster performance.


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