Monday, 19 February 2018

Cost Should Not Be The Sole Criteria When Looking For Wordpress Hosting Services

When people think Wordpress, they have price and ease of operations in mind and both these counts they get what they want. It is important to know that Wordpress hosting services charge varying rates for what they offer and the lowest prices are actually as low as the cost of a pizza. Obviously at that price what the vendor can offer is the minimum server space with strict conditions wherein they could even turn off a website on their shared server if it starts consuming more than the allotted server space. Of course, they won’t do it on a whiff or without informing you about it. What you need to know is that when your website engagement grows, this will invariably happen and you should be prepared to pay more for larger server space or even go for dedicated server space. 

Dedicated servers 

If you are looking for dedicated Wordpress hosting services, you need to approach a vendor who can provide you with the server that can be tailored to your specific requirements. When you opt for dedicated hosting, an entire server will be allocated to your website and you can set it up either by using your own resources or get it hosted by your vendor. This kind of dedicated hosting is quite simple and uncomplicated among all the types of hosting but it is better to use the services of a reliable vendor because in spite of the simplicity of the process there’s still a process that you need to get familiar with. 

A dedicated server offers the flexibility of including themes as well as plugins in your site along with other advantages like personalized email for your business. Users who prefer the value for money approach more than the ‘cheapest possible price’ approach will find a lot more value in a dedicated server although the cost would understandably be way higher than what you pay for a shared server. Of course, your choice of server space would depend entirely on your specific needs on the basis of which you would make your decision. Normally Wordpress hosting services keep their customers fully updated about service limitations and other things that have a bearing on their server space usage. 

High popularity of Wordpress

Wordpress has always had a huge monopoly in the CMS market and the reasons are not far to seek. It is by far the easiest to manage and run and its popularity is evident in any Google search that will clearly reveal the numbers. So what makes Wordpress so popular? Foremost is the fact that it is an open source software and promises to remain so in the foreseeable future. This is a very big advantage for publishers because it gives them complete control of their content which is not the case with many other content publishing platforms. 

Today, Wordpress accounts for about 60% of the CMS software market with the closest competitor Joomla, way behind. It’s true that Wordpress is predominantly a blogging oriented platform but it has evolved due to enormous levels of use all over the world which created conditions for its adaptation with different requirements of users from different niches. As a result, it can’t be considered a blogging platform anymore and also because many large websites are hosted on the platform. 

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