Friday, 12 January 2018

MySQL – Designed For Web Applications

MySQL without any doubt is the most popular open source data base in the market. Among the web based applications, MySQL is the most sought after because of its proven performance, dependability and ease of use.

Here are a few good reasons why businesses use MySQL.

  • It is free
  • Good portability – can be conveniently imported/ exported from Excel
  • It is scalable – Functional for both small and large databases
  • Speed – One of the fastest known databases
  • Permission control – you can selectively accord or rescind permission to users 

One of the underlying features of MySQL is it is designed for the web applications.

As entrepreneurs and large companies face new challenges, MySQL has become the tool of choice for web developers.

Did you know that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are making use of MySQL to make sense of the exponentially growing amount of data?

It is the scalability, reliability and ease of use of MySQL that has made these big names choose this platform.

Some other advantages of MySQL are:


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Large companies including start-ups have realized significant cost savings by using MySQL. By leveraging the MySQL database, companies are able to achieve a very high level of scalability and lower their TCOs.

High level of performance

In today’s digital era, competition is just a mouse click away. Customer inquiries need quick responses. In this context web-based apps must offer extreme performance for simple as well as complex queries. MySQL offers solutions admirably.

Utilizes the clout of memory

MySQL makes use of advances made in the modern day servers in the memory space to deliver outstanding database performance.

Reliability and uptime

Web based applications must be up and running 24 x 7. Businesses cannot compromise on this aspect. In this context MySQL is very reliable. Moreover the expansive MySQL community contributes immensely to make this the most sought after open source data base.

MySQL cluster is crafted to detect any failure instantaneously. Control and corrective action automatically sets in to preempt defects. No wonder MySQL delivers 99.999% availability.

Ease of use

Ease of use is the singular objective of MySQL. It offers unusually effective fast start capability by downloading software in less than 15 minutes. Once software is downloaded, database administrators experience features like auto-restart and dynamic configuration.

Organizations find the ease-of-use feature of MySQL vital for rapid delivery of advanced and innovative web based applications. In the present competitive marketplace, time to market applications impacts a great deal on profitability and brand reach.


MySQL offers the flexibility to run on all major platforms in every popular language.

Lead role in the cloud

MySQL has grown to be the leading open source data base in the cloud. The upshot of this is SaaS vendors are leveraging MySQL capabilities to provide performance, service level safeguards and data security to compete in the market.

MySQL Server Hosting

Fortunately, the hosting segment now offers cost-effective and developer friendly cheap MySQL Server hosting for managing databases. Vendors offer features like top-class security, high speed, multi-user access, and scalability.

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