Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Vital Attributes of the Best Email Hosting Providers

No business can function without capabilities for seamless email communications. Therefore every enterprise is always seeking for the best email hosting providers that empower business communications with wide array of features including security, accessibility, scalability, and flexibility.

Things to look for while choosing an email host

Changing business landscapes and emergence of internet enabled handheld devices have underlined necessity of unrestricted accessibility of email communications. Email hosing services must be able to provide easy access to all email folders contacts, and files irrespective of time and place.

Users of the best email hosting providers are capable of creating unrestricted number of accounts. The data access is also enabled from onsite as well as offsite locations with ability of maintaining backup.

Spam mails can seriously harm overall productivity of the organization. Email hosts offer default feature of built-in snit spam filters that effectively keep newsletters, spam mail, and viruses at bay. These mails are prevented from entering into the inbox to keep it clean. Use of secured protocols for sending and receiving emails is including IMAPs, SMTPs, and POP3s is an important feature of trusted email hosts.

Sharing is an important attribute of communication. The facility of sharing messages, calendars, and contacts is also offered at no extra costs.

Following are some the key aspects of best email hosting providers:

  • Easy and quick setup
  • Smooth synching across devices
  • Flawless sharing and collaboration
  • Round the clock tech support
  • Secured and spam free
  • Ease of migration
  • Popular email hosting alternatives

Following are few of the popular email applications are provided by the best email hosting providers to customers:

POP3- It stands for Post Office Protocol 3 and helps access email right from server to your work station. Once downloaded, the email is deleted from server while the sent mail gets stored on local machine instead of server.

IMAP- This used for accessing email on server from multiple devices and is an acronym of Internet Message Access Protocol. Users are not required to shift to other computers for accessing mails.

Squirrelmail- This webmail solution offers diverse features including folder editing and address books that are normally desired from an email client.

Barracuda- If you are searching for a state of the art spam filtering application, then you are at the right place. Barracuda server retains the messages that fit into criteria of Spam messages or are suspected to contain viruses. These messages can also be retrieved if needed.

Pommo- This is an extremely user friendly email hosting application. Business mails, newsletters, or messages can be sent to potential customers, or subscribers of mailing lists.

RainLoop Webmail- This is a high performance application for swift and blazing fast mail deliveries. The user friendly RainLoop software solution facilitates all advantages of IMAP and SMTP.

Mailman- This is an extensively sought after email hosting application for enabling email discussions as well as newsletter lists. It also offers number of features including spam filtering, content filtering, and built-in archiving just to name a few.

Some of the best email hosting providers empower users with cutting edge capabilities of email hosting to help manage your business communications.  Most of the times, this facility is offered as part of regular web hosting service.

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